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Manor Royal BID2 (2018-2023)
For the Manor Royal BID to carry on for another five years, businesses expected to pay the BID Levy will have to vote in a Renewal Ballot taking place in February 2018.

A new plan and new projects
A new Business Plan has been produced for businesses to vote on. The plan sets out the rules for the Manor Royal BID and what a renewed BID will deliver exclusively for the benefit of Manor Royal businesses and staff.

Only the BID will deliver
Everything the Manor Royal BID plans to deliver will only happen if businesses vote for it. If the BID is not renewed all existing services will stop, anything the BID is currently responsible for will be closed down or removed, and the plans for improving the area will not happen.

Your BID, your Vote, your Choice
A vote to renew the Manor Royal BID is the only way to ensure the additional services, projects and benefits outlined in the Business Plan are delivered. Those businesses in a property of £12,000 rateable value or more located in the BID area will get a vote. Please ensure you know how your business can vote, and that the BID Office knows who in your business should receive the ballot paper.

Show your support
If you support the Manor Royal BID and want to see it carry on, join our campaign. Use the "Manor Royal Tick" in your social media posts and on your website and - if you're really keen - why not send us a testimonial or arrange for your picture to be taken with the big "tick".

Contact the BID Office
If you have any questions at all, if anything is confusing or you just want a chat please contact the BID Office. We want to help. Steve Sawyer (Executive Director) is also available for meetings.

Contact the BID Office for a chat or to arrange an appointment.

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